October 21, 2017


improve your golf gameYou can improve your golf game and enjoy it once again by merely focusing on the fun of it.You also can improve your golf game and enjoy it once  again by practicing and focusing more on the fundamentals.

The more you practice and improve your swing the more enjoyment you will have in playing the greatest sport of all.

I recently read an article where a golfer was giving up the game. He listed five reasons for quitting this wonderful sport.

The first reason was that it was taking up too much of his time to practice enough to stay on top of his game.

Other reasons included a modernization of the game, less than civil fans and that better equipment had “juiced” up the game too much.

Frankly I did not consider any of these as being  good reasons to quit the game that he apparently enjoyed at one time. His statements seemed to suggest he knew how to hit the golf ball straight and reasonably far.

However, I do think the fifth reason to consider quitting the game had some validity. Here it is:

“Cost: The price of game is exorbitant. I recently resigned from a local club because dues and other ancillary costs computed to about $300 per round of golf. Playing golf at nice resorts costs a minimum of $125 and sometimes as much as $300. Then you have the cost of equipment. A newly designed putter retails for $200 to $350. Are you kidding me? One golf club? And the thing even more incredulous is that the golfer procuring said putter will likely not putt any better than his/her bullseye putter sent to the club bin long ago.”

Read More http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/blogs/golf-editors/2012/01/reader-quits-golf-heres-why.html#ixzz1jwuj9EbZ

Given the economy nowadays, golf courses and equipment manufacturers may need to consider re-structuring some of their fees and prices.

However, no one has to buy high- priced equipment and most of us can play courses that charge reasonable fees.

For those who are considering  quitting this wonderful game, spend more time at the practice range and improve your golf game. Then you should enjoy the sport as much as you ever did in the past.

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