September 26, 2017





improve your golf swingOne way to improve your golf game is to take golf lessons, but only from true experts.

Unfortunately, you will not improve your golf game by taking lessons from those who do not understand the true mechanics of golf and do not how to teach the fundamentals. You will not learn how to hit a golf ball straight by taking lessons from wannabe instructors.

Unless you engage true experts to teach you the game you might as well read from instructional books and magazines because, according to the article below, this precisely is what so many wannabe instructors do.

They merely regurgitate what they, themselves, gleaned from magazines and instructional books. Read on:

“An unpleasant swing will be downright embarrassing, because it makes a golfer seem as if she or he has never played the game before. In most cases, nothing might be further from the truth, as even people who have been taking part in the game for decades will have significant issues with their swing. Simple adjustments to this swing can make the sport a lot of easier to play and will take shots off a person’s handicap virtually immediately and a golf lesson can definitely facilitate this process out considerably. Once you have got the swing down, you’ll be ready to master the sport in a matter of weeks, which is one of the explanations why this is often so important.

Now, you’re most likely thinking that you have got to move to your native golf course and obtain out golf pro in order to receive a golf lesson. The reality of the matter is, however, that most of these golf execs have simply as a lot of experience as you and most likely don’t seem to be all that abundant better than you. If you actually want to receive skilled facilitate, you may have to go to someone who knows what she is talking concerning because, in the top, these golf pros are merely regurgitating one thing that they read in a very book or magazine anyway.”

You can find the complete article at It is worth your read.

There are those who really know the game and can teach golfers how to improve their golf swings. Then there are those who are clueless.

You should only listen to those who truly know how to teach the greatest sport of all because they will improve your golf game.

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