September 26, 2017

Improve Your Golf Game: Swinging Easy But Hitting Hard Still Works

improve your golf game, learn how to hit a golf ball straightOne way to improve your golf game and, hit your golf ball straighter and longer, is what the great Julius Boros told us long ago: swing easy, hit hard.

Assuming you remain balanced and in rhythm, swinging your club easy during your backswing and then delivering it hard to your ball during your downswing will not only cause you to hit the golf ball straight  but dramatically to improve your golf game.

There are some experts who now believe that, ideally, it should take three times longer to complete the backswing than to execute the down swing.

In other words, they subscribe to the notion there is a three to one ratio between the time it takes to execute the backswing and the time it takes to to deliver the club to the ball during the downswing.

I’m sure they have their studies to back them up but it seems to me that, irrespective of the amount of time it takes to complete the backswing, you should swing your club as hard as possible during your dowswing as long as you stay balanced in the process.

Here is a portion of a recent article on this subject.

“So I asked Jim McLean, Bradley’s teacher who also coaches LPGA long-hitting phenom Lexi Thompson, for his insight. He says the key is to get your hips to line up under the shoulders (McLean calls this getting stacked). Then from this coiled position, swing the club through the ball–not to it–swinging with abandon. Bradley looks as if he’s swinging about as hard as he can. But he stays in balance on the backswing (remember, coiled at the top), all the way to his finish, which McLean tells him to hold for at least two seconds, every time.

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If you observe Keegan Bradley and some of the other younger players, they fire their hips through the ball incredibly fast. Rory probably rotates his hips even faster than Keegan during his downswing.

The better golf method to gain more distance with each club is not necessarily the speed of the backswing  in relation to the downswing but to coil the core of your body to the maximum during your backswing. If you do not create enough coil in your backswing, it doesn’t matter how fast you swing during your downswing. You are not going to hit your ball very far.

My golf swing instructions would be to address your ball with a comfortable stance and posture , keep your left arm relatively straight without being rigid, keep your left heel planted, maintain a steady head (with your chin up) and swing until your left shoulder firmly touches your chin, if not under your chin, during your backswing.

Then maintain your balance, keep your spine angle in tact and rotate (not slide) your hips as quickly as you can during your downswing.

The more coil you can create in your backswing and the faster you can rotate your hips during your downswing  has more to do with maximizing distance than anything else.

If you learn to turn fully during your backswing, maintain the top of your spine angle and rotate your hips as fast as possible during your downswing while staying balanced throughout, you definitely will improve your golf game and lower your scores.

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