September 26, 2017


improve your golf gameIf you want to improve your golf game you need to practice as often as you can. You must practice with your scoring irons even more than with your longer trons and woods if you truly want to improve your golf game.

I recently read an article about Phil Mickelson’s golf method when it comes to practicing the short game:

“As far as that shot on 18, was I surprised? I think that I don’t go over my practice routine and what have you because I try to do it off site and I don’t like doing it at the golf course. I like doing it either in my yard at home are where a built a practice facility or some of the local clubs or when I’m on the road at a different club.

But I practice flying my wedges to a specific yardage three days a week. I hit over 1500 golf balls and try to fly it within a yard or hit a target, and, for the most part, I’m able to fly it within a yard 90% of the time.

So the fact that it landed close to the hole, it was supposed to. I mean, I work at that. That’s what I practice. It’s not an accident that my wedge game is what it is, because I sit there and work on it. I just don’t do it out here for everybody to see. Read more..”

I realize that most recreational and weekend golfers can not hit 1500 balls with a wedge in an attempt to hit the golf ball straight within one yard of the pin each time.

The point, however, is to practice as often as possible and spend more time on the short game than trying to pound your driver 300 yards for much of your time on the range.

I am a firm believer if you can learn how to hit your wedges at five different swing levels, you could rival Mickelson in trying to land your ball within a few feet of the pin each time.

This means you should have several wedges in your set.

I like to carry at least a lob, sand and full wedge. On par three courses, I will sometimes carry five wedges consisting of a 64 degree, lob, sand, gap and full wedge.

Then it is a matter of practicing with each such wedge to hit the ball within a few feet of the pin by using a wrist swing, 1/4th swing, one-half swing, 3/4th swing and a full swing.

Learning to hit a ball with in a few feet of the pin by swinging at five different levles with at least three different wedges is a winning golf method,

It also is a great way to improve your golf game and lower your golf scores.

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