October 21, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: Know The Pin Location On Every Green

golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing tips is to know th pin location on every green. The reason why knowing the pin location on every green is one of the best golf swing tips is that it can make club selection so much easier on the approach shot.

In an a day and time when “GPS” equipped golf carts, range finders and different color pin placement flags are shown to reveal the location of the hole on greens it just a sound golf method to know whether the pin is located in the front, middle or back part of a green.

As long as you can hit straight golf shots, by knowing the location of the pin on a given green, you should be able to select the exact club from your set to carry the ball to the flag.

For example, suppose your score card indicates a par three hole is 150 yards from the tee box to the middle of the respective green. Suppose further that this is the precise distance you typically hit your seven iron.

However, if the pin placement is at the front part of the green, the carry is only 140 yards which would indicate you hit your eight iron for your best golf shot under such conditions.

Were you to to disregard the fact that the pin is located at the front of the green instead of in its middle you would hit your ball 30 feet past the pin where you to hit your seven iron perfectly. A thirty foot putt is a challenge even for tour players.

This is not a recipe to improve your golf game.

In comparison, were you to have selected your eight iron for the shot and hit it perfectly, you should have been within a very few feet of the cup, assuming you hit your golf ball straight.

Worst yet, assume you are not playing your “A” game , need more club to carry the day and select a six iron for the same hole with the pin located at the front part of the green. Were you to hit your six iron perfectly you could be 60 feet past the cup, an even more challenging putt.

As mentioned in a recent article, a portion of which is quoted below, there could be a variation of up to three different club choices on some of the larger greens, from the front to the back of such greens.

“ Whenever you pass by a green you haven’t played yet, take note of where the pin is. Front, middle, or back? Then when you come to play the green, if you’re dithering over a club to use, you’ll know to take the bigger club if it’s at the back or go with the shorter one for the front.
Some of the greens at our course can differ by as much as 3 clubs, depending on whether the pin’s front or back.” Read more…http://mskallasway.blogspot.com/2012/05/another-simple-golf-tip.html

There are some courses that are not GPS” cart compatible, do not allow range finders in competition and/or do not have different colors on the flags to indicate the location of the pins.

In such situations and conditions, you should observe the pin location of various greens within your vicinity when playing  a hole nearby, just as the suggested in the article.

So, once again, one of the best golf swing tips anywhere is to know the pin location on every upcoming green and select the club that will carry your ball to the cup.

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