October 21, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: Learn The Fundamentals First

hit a golf ball straightOne of the best golf swing tips is to learn the fundamentals of golf before attempting to play longer and harder courses.

Golf is difficult enough without overly handicapping yourself when first learning the game. Thus, understanding the mechanics of the golf swing before spreading your wings, so to speak, remains one of the best golf swing tips.

Here is a portion of a recent article that endorses the idea of  learning the game first before tackling more difficult courses.

“When starting out, there may be that confident beginner impulse to tackle challenging courses. However, this may cause trouble for a budding professional, as routine bogeys are no fun. Start easy and make a point to practice the fundamentals. The best courses for beginners to start on are shorter par-3 and par-4 courses that are less punishing.

While this is not always true, public courses tend to be slightly easier than private courses. The key is to not give up and not get frustrated. It might sound like a tall order, but patience and a few lessons will pay off in the end. ” Read more…http://www.koobflog.com/blogs/1/39/how-golf-lessons-improve-your-ga.

I quite agree that it is a good idea to learn the game by playing shorter courses, especially par three courses. You will learn to hit a golf  ball straight more quickly and build your confidence faster by playing such shorter courses during the learning stage.

You simply will be to take the driver and longer clubs out of play. As a result, you will be able to play significantly more holes in the same amount of time.

Consequently, you correspondingly should be able to improve your golf game in a shorter time frame.

Probably the most significant point about playing shorter and less difficult courses when first learning the game is that you experience more  nuances of the game.

One of the most challenges parts of playing golf is that rarely are there the same conditions from one hole to the next, meaning you must learn how to play different golf shots. You must learn to work the ball as well as to hit straight golf shots.

In some instances, you may be playing with side winds from one direction and, in the very next hole, with side winds in the  the opposite direction.

You may face a downhill lie for your approach shot on one hole and an uphill lie on the next.

The fact you play more holes in a shorter period of time on par three courses provides you with an opportunity to learn how to manage such nuances at a more rapid pace.

So, once again, one of the best golf swing tips is to learn to play the game on shorter and less difficult courses.

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