September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: Verbal Golf Instruction Is Not Enough

golf swing tipsWhen it comes to golf swing tips there is more required than verbal instruction. The best golf swing tips involve show and tell.

Golf is difficult enough to learn when all senses are involved in understanding each step of the set up process as wwll as how to properly swing the club.

When golf swing instructions are provided without demonstrating a specific procedure, a student is likely to be frustrated and give up on the game at an early stage.

For example, consider how difficult it must be to learn how to properly grip a club without demonstrating precisely how to do it. If you do not learn to grip a club correctly you have little chance of hitting straight golf shots.

A recent article spoke of the frustration and anxiety of students who only received verbal instruction. Here is part of the article:

“The lesson with golf instruction here deals with communication.  Very few students of any skill level will get much from you verbally teaching them.  Especially if you do it the way this man did and you tell them what they do wrong with every single swing.  Beginners and golfer that don’t hit the ball well need confidence building and demonstration.  They also need instructors to put them in the right position and even help them feel the swing.” Read more…

The article is absolutely spot on. A student has to feel the swing.

If a teacher does not have the ability to demonstrate how to grip the club, how to set up to the ball and execute a simple golf swing, he or she should not be teaching the game.

Assuming an instructor does have the ability to demonstrate how to hit a golf ball straight but is too lazy to demonstrate how to do so, he or she should not be teaching the greatest sport of all.

The best swing golf tips when it comes to instruction is to demonstrate very slowly and, step by step, each specific procedure relating to the set up and the swing. Then allow the student to demonstrate back to you the same.

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