September 26, 2017

Tips On Golf Swing: Use The Off Season To Perfect Your Golf Swing

easy golf swing instructionsOne of the best tips on  golf swing is to use the off season to improve your golf swing.

One of the reasons why theses tips on golf swing are so significant is the reality that the off season of golf may be a better time to improve your game than during the on season.

Many golfers enjoy the game so much during the golfing season that they don’t want to sacrifice playing time for practice time.

However, during the off season when weather conditions prevent play, there is no sacrifice of playing time by practicing more, just as a recent article suggested:

“Winter is a great time to make major changes to your golf swing. If you have a good instructor, hitting into a net makes major swing changes much easier.

If you try to make major changes during the golf season you will always take a couple of steps backwards before you start to see the improvements. But, by hitting into a net with a capable eye watching you can make those changes without getting too worried about what the golf ball is doing.

Also, when making changes inside you have perfect weather, you always have a perfect lie and perfect lighting for any camera work. Your instructor will have the opportunity to make changes that might be uncomfortable and dramatic without affecting your enjoyment of the game.” Read more…

Almost anyone who has extra room in his or her garage or attic can practice on a mat and have sufficient room to make a full swing with all clubs, including the driver.

When practicing in such a simulated manner during the off season, you should concentrate on some key fundamentals of the setup proceeding and the actual golf swing, even if you do not place a ball on a practice mat or have a net in which to hit.

First, concentrate on aligning your shoulders parallel with an imaginary target line.

Also, simulate a golf swing with different clubs with your left heel firmly planted and, while maintaining eye contact with the spot of an imaginary ball on the practice mat.

Once you have aligned your shoulders with an imaginary target line, keep your left heel planted firmly and maintain eye contact with your ball during your golf swing, you should be able to perfect your game in a very short period of time.

You also should round up as many score cards as possible from courses in your area and simulate playing each hole while using a practice mat without the benefit of a ball or net.

Merely simulate playing each hole in the same manner as actually playing the course.

For example, on par four and par four holes, you typically would use your driver and estimate how far the ball would typically fly, considering the quality of your swing. Then simulate an approach shot with a club that should fly the ball the distance remaining to the hole in the case of a par four, and swing the clubs you would typically use for your second and third shots to any of the par fives.

As to the par three holes, you would simply swing the respective club that would typically fly the ball the distance to the green as if in actual play.

Use the off season to sharpen your swing and you will better appreciate why these are some very useful tips on golf swing.

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