September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: The Essential Steps To Hitting Straight Golf Shots

golf swing tipsI was intrigued by the golf swing tips recommended in a recent golf article.

The reason I was intrigued by the the golf swing tips in the article was that it listed only four essential steps to a quality golf swing: that is. only four steps to hit a golf ball straight and far.

First, it lists the grip as an essential step, the stance as the second step, the back swing as the third step and the down swing as the final step.

Unfortunately, it did not mention the significance of posture, ball placement or alignment, the three other steps I believe is mandatory to hitting quality golf shots.

Here is part of the article that addresses the author’s view of the essential steps to a quality golf shot.

“The golf swing can be broken down into the grip, profile, backswing, downswing and continue. Let us look at each one of these components of the golf swing more carefully.

– The particular Grip

You will find basically three kinds of ways to grip the driver. It’s important to spend enough time required to master your grip as this can be a critical part of the swing movement. If your grip is usually incorrect it will affect your performance negatively even when everything else is fine.

The first type of grip is the interlocking grip, this is where the catalog finger of the left hand and the small finger of one’s right side interlock or even hook each other. When you have short hands or both hands are extremely thick then this kind of grip may be the most useful for you personally.

The next kind may be the overlapping proper grip. With this particular grip the small finger of the right side will sit along with the catalog finger of the left side. You need strong wrists and arms to utilize this grip. Test each grip method and determine one that feels most comfortable to you.

The baseball grip is commonly employed by most beginners. The list finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand usually do not overlap or even interlock but they do create contact. This really is basically as the name suggests how you would grip a demarini voodoo bbcor.

quick The Stance

The important point out remember with theance would be to keep your weight balanced along with your feet place getting wider up to shoulder width as the club you are using becomes longer. So for the driver you will want the most stability thus a broader stance together with your legs shoulder width separate is perfect. Also the particular ball placement should begin at the center of your stance for a wedge and move up to the heel of one’s left foot for the driver.

instruction The Backswing

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is which they rush their particular backswing. Ensure that you take a slow relaxed backswing. You are better off being too slow than too fast with regards to the backswing. Also work with keeping your left provide as straight that you can throughout the backswing.

you need to The Downswing

An essential key to the downswing is to keep your head in the same position or as close as you possibly can to its initial location through the downswing. Make certain you do not try to use your right arm to try and generate power. Instead you ought to obtain the feeling that you will be pulling the club with your left provide. The energy should come from the leverage that’s created between your angle between your club and you also left hand. The longer it is possible to hold this specific angle the more power you will create.”

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You will be much better served by performing the seven essential steps to  produce quality golf shots rather than just the three mentioned in the article.

The golf swing tips in this article would have been more complete had all seven steps been addressed.

Please ensure you perform all seven steps to the letter to hit straight golf shots.

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