September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: How To Perfect Your Alignment

golf swing instructionsOne of the most significant golf swing tips is to understand the best way to align your shoulders with your target line ( the imaginary line running from your target back to and through your ball.)

The reason why this is such a significant golf swing tip is that without a perfect parallel alignment between your shoulders (shoulder line) and your target line you will not be able to drive your golf ball straight.

There are times when your objective is not to produce a straight golf shot but, instead, curve your ball in some way. When shaping your golf shots in a curved manner, such as a fade or draw, it is necessary to align your shoulders  parallel with what I characterize as your directional line instead of your target line.

Your directional line is the imaginary line on which you want your ball to fly initially to curve it to your target, such as with a fade or draw golf shot.

Some golfers believe you should align your feet parallel with your target line to hit your best golf shots.

This is not a proper golf method of alignment.

Your shoulders must be aligned parallel with your target or directional line rather thsn your stance line because  the relationship between your elbow line and your shoulder line is what determines the swing path of your club face.

This means that when your elbow line is parallel with your shoulder line at the completion of your set up routine, the swing path of your club face will be on line or, what some refer to as being on “plane.”

When the swing path of your club face is on line, your club face correspondingly will be aligned squarely.

However, just because you have established a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face does not equate to hitting the golf ball straight.

In order to hit the golf ball on a straight path to your target, the sweet spot of your club face must be centered as near as possible to the back of your ball at the same time that your elbows are aligned parallel with your shoulders and, at the same time your shoulders are aligned parallel with your target line.

Then, in such instance, if you execute a simple golf swing without rotating your club face off its established alignment and path you should observe you ball flying on a straight path to your target.

You will then experience the results of one of the most important golf swing tips anywhere around.

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