September 26, 2017

Golf Putting Tips: You Must Grip Your Putter Handle Squarely

golf putting tipsOne of the best golf putting tips is you must grip your putter handle squarely if you wish to stroke your ball on line and sink more putts.

Unfortunately, many golfers do not take advantage of such golf putting tips because they assume a conventional overlapping, interlocking  or baseball type of grip on their putter handle.

Of course, I am referring to a short putter instead of a long or belly putter when I speak of the necessity of gripping your putter handle squarely.

If you grip a putter handle with an original Vardon overlapping, modified Vardon overlapping, traditional interlocking or regular baseball style of grip, your wrists will rotate your putter head to an open alignment and also rotate it to an out-to-in path across your shoulders.

Consequently, when you assume your putting stance with your putter head aligned to the back of your ball in such instance, it will be misaligned to your aim line.

Your aim line is the imaginary line on which your want your ball to roll initially, whether stroking short or long putts.

Recently, Frank Nobilo of the Golf Channel and a former Tour player, commented that Tiger Woods should consider drawing his putts since he seemed to be missing to the right so often.

Here is a portion of such comments:

“In reaction to Tiger’s putting performance in the first round, Nobilo advised that Tiger should maybe try to hook his putts because pretty much all of his misses have been to the right. If he can get his putts to hook, at the very least that would give Tiger an idea of where the right path is.”  Read More…

This may not be the best golf putting instructions to cure Tiger’s putting woes. Why compound his problem?

Since Tiger has been one of the greatest putters of all time, there is no reason why he cannot putt as well nowadays as he has putted in the past.

Tiger is probably missing putts to the right because of two reasons.

He is misaligning his putter head to his aim line or his putter head is not aligned squarely to the ball.

If the latter, he needs to make sure the lifeline of each hand is gripped squarely and securely on his putter handle. The hands must be facing each other perfectly on the putter handle in order to be aligned squarely.

Whether Tiger or anyone else, you know how to grip a golf club correctly.

Assuming his putter head is aligned squarely, he should consider using the Arrow Alignment Technique™ that I teach in such books as Straight Shooting Golf and Hit It Dead Straight to align his putter head squarely to his aim line.

You too must assume a putting grip with the lifeline of each of your hands gripped squarely and securely on your putter handle and, with your putter head aligned squarely on your aim line, in order to sink more putts and improve your golf game.

These are some very sounds golf putting tips of which you can well take advantage.

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