September 26, 2017

Tips On Golf Swing: Learn How To Distance Chip

golf swing instructions tipsOne of the best tips on golf swing is to learn how to distance chip.

More specifically, one of the best tips on golf swing is to learn to chip incrementally to specific feet, such as to within two feet increments.

Most golfers can chip relatively consistent on a straight path in the direction of their target, such as to the pin on an approaching green.

However, they have difficulty chipping to a specific distance.

As a recent article suggested, what separates the average golfer from the low handicapper is not the control of their chips but rather the distance of them.

Here is a part of the article:

“Distance control is the most important aspect of chipping. Think back to the last time you were faced with a difficult chip and didn’t get the desired result. Maybe you left the ball 15 feet away from the hole.

I would bet that you didn’t miss the chip 15 feet to the right or to the left. Most likely you were short or long of the hole.

That’s why controlling distance is so crucial, where we all have the most room for improvement, and where you can drop strokes the fastest.” Read more…

There are two easy golf methods to chip your ball to a specific target.

One is to use the same club each time for chipping and vary the length of the chip, such as to take the club  back to different  levels.

When you use this golf method to chip, you should identify different markings on your left arm so that when you can see that marking intersect with your ball from your line of vision you will know when to stop your back swing and then swing forward.

The marking may be a mole, line, sun spot or some other marking on your left arm to be used as a reference.

For example, if I am chipping with a wedge, I know my ball will roll a specific distance relative to the slope and “stimp” of a green when I can observe  a mole near the back of my wrist watch  intersect with my ball from my line of vision, assuming I stop my swing at such point and allow my club face to return to the ball.

Typically, you can find all types of markings on your left arm, if you observe closely, that could be used as reference points for such purposes.

In doing so, you should be able control the distance of your chips to within two feet increments.

Obviously, this will take some serious practice time.

Another golf method to be used for distance chipping is to select a different club each time and use the same specific marking on your left arm as your reference in terms of how far back you should swing your club.

This is to say, when such specific marking is observed intersecting with your ball from your line of vision during your back swing it is time to stop and then swing forward.

For example, you could use one side of your wrist watch as the reference mark.

Assuming you have a full set of clubs, you should also be able to distance chip to within two feet increments, simply by varying clubs each time.

Thus too will take some serious practice time.

Try these two ways to distance chip and you may find them to be some of the best tips on golf swing for chipping, anywhere around.

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