September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: In Search Of The Perfect Grip

golf swing tipsAre there any golf swing tips on how to grip a golf club perfectly? Yes, there are some golf swing tips that teach you precisely how to grip a club.

However, you will not learn how to grip a golf club perfectly if you follow the golf swing instructions of most conventional instructors.

Some conventional instructors believe a perfect grip exists when you can just observe so many knuckles on your left hand once you complete your grip. Other instructors contend that a perfect golf grip exists when each “v” between the index finger and thumb of each hand is pointing in a specific direction.

A perfect grip is not determined by the numbers of knuckles you can observe on your left hand after completing your grip. Neither does the direction in which the “v’s” point at the completion of the grip determine whether the grip is perfect or not.

If your objective is to hit the golf ball straight, a perfect grip is one that squares the alignment of the face of the club.

Unfortunately, neither the overlapping, interlocking or baseball styles of grip square the clubface,  irrespective of the number of knuckles one can observe on the left hand once the grip is completed or, the direction in which your “v’s” point.

The reason why the conventional styles of grip do not square the clubface is the left hand is placed on the club in a diagonal rather than in a square manner.

As a result, a golfer has to rotate the clubface to a square alignment during the set up proceedings and attempt to deliver the clubface to the ball at impact so the impact position of the clubface replicates its address position or, on the other hand, try to manipulate the clubface in some way during the swing to square the clubface to the ball during the downswing.

Because the clubface is placed in the left hand in a diagonal manner when either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip is formed on a club, the clubface will rotate to an effective open alignment and also to an out-to-in path across the shoulders the instant such a grip is assumed.

Consequently, the instant a conventional grip is formed on a club, the alignment and path of the clubface will rotate to an effective slice ball flight position.

Since this slice ball flight alignment is not locked-in, any body movement after a conventional grip is formed on a club, such as widening or narrowing the stance, raising or lowering the shoulders, moving nearer to or farther from the ball, flaring one or both feet, arching, cupping or rotating the wrists and so on will cause the alignment and path of the clubface to change to a different ball flight position.

Moreover, any additional body movement will cause the alignment and path of the clubface to rotate yet again to another different ball flight position.

This is why a golfer will hook the ball with a given swing and slice it in a subsequent swing even though the club was swung precisely in the same way each time.

So, the question seems to be: is there a golf method to convert this inherent slice ball flight alignment to a square one?

The answer is yes.

There are several ways of converting this inherent slice alignment of the clubface to a square alignment.

One such way is to learn how to rotate the clubface to a square alignment once the grip is assumed and then lock in the square alignment.

There are more than 100 techniques available in books, DVDs, Special Reports and articles that instruct how to lock-in a square alignment and an on line path of the clubface during the set up proceedings, all of which can be found at

In addition, there are eight techniques that instruct how to make some slight adjustments of the three conventional styles of grip into a square alignment.

These are taught in the How to Lock-In A Perfect Golf Grip book that also is available at the above website.

When you lock-in a square clubface alignment using some of these Locked-In Golf™ Techniques, complete your set up routine as instructed and then execute a simple golf swing without manipulating the face of your club off its established alignment, you have a 100 per cent chance of hitting straight golf shots.

However, if you do not lock-in such a straight ball flight alignment during your set up routine but rather rely on attempting to square the face of your club to the ball by manipulating the club in some way during your golf swing, you probably have less than one percent chance of hitting a perfectly straight golf shot.

Therefore, the best golf swing tips of all are to lock-in a square alignment and on line path of your clubface before you even begin your swing.

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