September 26, 2017


straight golf swingWhether you executed a straight golf swing or not is all determined by the alignment and swing  of your club face at impact. As the legendary golf instructor, John Jacobs, often expressed, the impact position of your club face is what determines whether you executed a straight golf swing or, on the other hand, whether you executed a curved golf shot.

The direction and pattern in which your ball travels, called ball flight, is determined by whether the alignment of your club face is square, open orclosed and also, whether the path of your club face is out-to-in, in-to-out or, on the same path as your target line, at the point of impact.

Although John Jacobs was the first to really articulate the geometry of ball flight, neither he nor anyone else during his era knew the specific cause of each type of ball flight or, what causes a golfer to hit a  golf ball straight or make it curve in flight

John Jacobs, much like his peer instructors knew the effect of what happens when a club face contacts the ball at impact, they were never sure as to what caused the ball to fly in a specific pattern and direction. When most instructors are pressed as to the cause of ball flight, many  tend refer to John Jacob’s geometry of ball flight. Unfortunately, such response does not answer the question.

In simple language, what causes a specific ball flight is the combined alignments of the wrists bones and shoulder bones at the point of impact.

How the wrists are aligned to hinge and unhinge in relationship to the tip-end of the right shoulder at impact will determine whether the club face will be open, closed or square when it contacts the ball. How the elbows are aligned in relation with (or to) the shoulders at impact will determine the path of the club face when the club face  contacts the ball.

Unfortunately, the very instant an overlapping ,interlocking or baseball style of grip is formed on a club the wrists will rotate the club face to an open alignment and the elbows will rotate to the inside of the shoulder line to create an out-to-in swing path of the club face. This establishes a slice ball flight alignment.

However, any body movement after the initial grip of the club will rotate the wrists and the elbows to a different ball flight alignment.

Given the reality that there are a lot of body movements from the time the hands are gripped on the club until the set up proceedings are completed, typically, it is impossible to know for sure to which alignment and swing path the club face has rotated at final address to the ball.

This is why so many golfers slice one shot and hook the next while swinging in the sme precise manner each time.

The Locked-In Golf™ Techniques resolves this anatomical nightmare.

They each convert the inherent slice ball flight to a straight ball flight and then lock-in the straight ball flight alignment.

When the the remainder of the set up proceeding are completed correctly, a balanced golf swing will produce a straight golf shot. You will know then that you have executed a straight golf swing.

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