September 26, 2017


golf swing instructionsThe best golf swing instructions begin with learning how properly to grip the club. The other golf swing instructions are meaningless unless you first know how to grip a golf club correctly.

You could assume the best possible stance and posture to the ball but, if you have not gripped the club in the right manner, it means nothing.

You could have the most beautiful swing imaginable but it is worthless if you have formed an improper grip on your club.

A recent article discusses the significance of gripping a club correctly and the consequences of compromising the gripping function. A part of the article reads:

“To begin to learn to control your golf ball, certain principles must apply. The first is cause and effect. Whatever direction the clubface is pointing at impact is where the ball will start. The path it follows to that point will then determine how much it spins. With a poor grip, your ability to return the clubface square to the target on the correct path is minimized.

This is the reason almost every teaching pro will start a beginning student with the grip. And there are many reasons why a student will struggle to establish and repeat that correct grip. Read more…”

What few instructors and golfers understand about the grip is that even when the club is gripped correctly it does  not mean that a decent golf shot will result.

A correct golf grip only puts you in a position to hit a straight golf shot.

In order to hit  straight golf shots, you must convert the inherent slice ball flight alignment that occurs the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a club to a straight ball flight alignment, and then lock-in the straight ball flight alignment.

This assumes that a correct golf grip is formed on the club in the first place.

There are myriad golf swing instructions in DVDs, Special Reports and instructional books available at to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment.

Once locked-in, all that remains is to complete the set up proceedings, keep a steady head, execute a balanced golf swing and watch the ball fly straight in line with the target.

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