September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Instructions: How To Hit A Mudball

how to hit a golf ballOne of the best golf swing lessons is to learn  how to hit out of all types of ball lies in order to to play effectively.

When learning such golf swing instructions effectively, one of the most difficult shots is one in which your ball is stuck in mud, called a “mudball.”

The mud on the ball will cause it to spin differently than normal, making it most difficult to drive your golf ball straight.

Some golfing gurus suggest you should use a sand wedge when trying to hit a “mudball.”  A recent article suggests a different approach. It is an excellent way to improve your golf game,.

A portion of the article appears below:

“Ball Stuck in Mud

A ball stuck in the mud must be approached differently from one that is merely muddy, or sitting in a muddy lie. To increase your chances of successfully dislodging the ball, Improve Golf Swing 411 recommends using a pitching wedge or a 9-iron. Begin with an open stance and the ball moved back past the middle of the stance. Use a firm grip and swing across the foot line with a downward approach to free the ball and send it forward toward your target. Although the sand wedge may seem a logical choice for this shot, Improve Golf Swing 411 cautions that you should forego it due to the risk of the club digging into the ground.”

The full article is worth reading. If you wish to read it, go to

The next time you are faced with a “mudball”  select either a full wedge or 9 iron, open your stance as well as your club face and swing across the ball during your down swing.

You should see your ball come out of the mud much better than if using  a sand wedge. It is one of the the best golf swing instructions to dislodge a ball that is stuck in mud.

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