September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Instructions: Body Types Differ But Bone Alignments Do Not

golf swing instructionsSome contend that golf swing instructions should be tailored to the body type of the student. There are a few instructors who have done well financially by designing specific golf swing instructions for various body types, whether stoutly built, tall or short, heavy or thin and so on.

Here is a portion of an article espousing that each student should learn a specific golf method and individualize his or her swing.

“The game of golf, simply no two people ever have the identical golf swing. Each person possesses their own individual body system with its own benefits, flexiblity and range of motion. The way one person swings a golf club may not work for some other person, even if they are close in body types. Every single golfer has to discover the playing style that fits those to help them produce the outcomes that they want. Game enthusiasts that know what is likely to happen to the soccer ball when they hit that, and what variables affect that second of impact can easily effectively use themselves to create the constant powerful golf swing that they desire.” Read more…

This article also talks about the need for each individual to adopt a personal swing even if similar in body type.

I believe as long as you have created a specific ball flight alignment at the completion of your set up routine,  have established proper shoulder-to-target alignment and ball placement and then execute a non-manipulative golf swing, the impact position of your club face will replicate its address position and you will hit quality golf shot irrespective of your body type or how much you have your own individual swing.

For example, if you have established a straight ball flight alignment, have your alignment and ball placement correctly positioned and then execute a simple golf swing in which there is no intentional or inadvertent manipulation of the club, the impact positions of your club face will replicate its address position and you will hit the golf ball straight.

Although body types may differ, bone alignments of the human body do not and how the bones are aligned at impact is what determines ball flight,  not whether you are tall, short, thin or heavy.

Human bones, although different in size and strength for various individuals, are nevertheless in the same relation with each other with respect to every person. They hinge and unhinge the same way irrespective of size or strength. They rotate the same way regardless of an individuals body type.

When your bones are aligned correctly at impact the same result will occur irrespective of your size, height or bone structure

At the end of the day, so to speak, the only golf swing instructions you need is to align your bones correctly

This precisely is what the Locked-In Golf™ System does. It locks your bones into a desired ball flight alignment to enable you to hit a perfect fade, a power draw or simply straight golf shots, one after another.

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