September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Instructions: Focus On Your Next Shot Only

golf swing insructionsOne of the best golf swing instructions is to focus only on your next shot. These golf swing instructions simply suggest you should  leave your mistakes behind and not allow them to impact your subsequent shots.

Even the best players in the world make mistakes. You can observe tour players making huge mistakes in almost any tournament you see on television.

However, the better ones do not obsess over prior mistakes. They put them out of their mind and move forward.

So should you, if you want to improve your golf game and lower your scores.

One of the most common mistakes of many golfers is coming over the top during their downswing and producing a slice ball flight.

The primary reason why golfers come over the top durng their downswing and fail to hit the golf ball straight is they do not have a square alignment and an on line swing path at their club face at the completion of their set up routine.

Nevertheless, if  they come over the top and hit a lousy shot, they should put it out of their mind and, from such point forward, concentrate on  squaring  the alignment of their club face at the top of their swing.

Better yet is to lock-in a square club face alignment during the set up proceedings to avoid having to attempt  to square the club face during the swing. This is a much better golf method than trying to manipulate the club in some way to square the club face to the ball at impact.

Incidentally, when you square the alignment of your club face you correspondingly and simultaneously will create an on line swing path of your club face, a phenomenon of which few instructors are aware.

Another common  mistake of golfers is coming out of their shot even when they have established a square alignment and an online swing path of their club face at the completion of their back swing.

The main reason golfers come out of their shot is they fail to complete a full back swing, rush their down swing and throw off their tempo, rhythm and balance during their downswing.

Even so, they should put it behind them the instance it occurs and thereafter concentrate on making a full swing and staying balanced during the downswing.

The best way to correct mistakes however is not on a golf course when playing a round of golf but rather at a practice range prior to commencing play.

You will appreciate these golf swing instructions even more once you hone your game at your practice facility to avoid such common mistakes from occurring in the first place.

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