September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Instructions; How To Prevent A Shank

golf swing instructionsOne of the best golf swing instructions is to know how to avoid a shank. There are not many golf swing instructions that address this horrific flaw.

I am sure you are aware that a shank is caused by the hosel rather than the face of the ball contacting the ball during the downswing. The consequence is that the ball flies drastically to the outside of the body line.

Some get the shanks and have difficulty overcoming them. It seems to be somewhat of a mental thing at times, irrespective of the golf swings tips to prevent it.

It is the worst type of golf shot for any golfer, almost like a nightmare.  A duck-hook in which the balls flies extremely to the inside of the body line  is the second worst golf shot but at least the ball is struck by the face of the club.

Here is a portion of a recent article about shanks.

“Hitting the hosel or junction where the shaft and the clubhead meet is what causes the dreaded shank shot. Start by assessing your position relative to the ball. Are you standing too close? If so this will more often than not result in a shanked shot, and is probably the most common cause. This is due to the natural centrifugal forces of the downswing moving the club head further out from where you assume it will be when making contact with the ball. So this is a simple step one correction–move back from the ball until your clubhead is hitting the ball where you want it to, directly on the sweet spot.” Read more…

Standing farther from the ball should help prevent a shank but the best way to avoid one is to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during the pre-shot proceedings so the face and the path of the club face are primed to return to the ball to produce straight golf shots.

When a shank occurs, the face and path of the club are either horribly aligned at the beginning of the swing or the club is manipulated during the golf swing in some weird way.

When you have a locked-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of the clubface during the pre-swing routine, all that remains is to complete your pre-swing routine properly and simply execute a non-manipulative golf swing.

A non-manipulative golf swing is one in which there is no intentional or inadvertent manipulation of the club to rotate the face and path of the club off their pre-swing alignments during the swing.

The sure way to prevent a shank is to set up properly with a square alignment and an on line swing path of your clubface and execute a non-manipulative golf swing. This includes standing properly to the ball at final address.

When you adopt the locked-in golf swing instructions to hit the golf ball straight, complete your set up correctly and execute a simple golf swing without manipulating your club off its pre-swing alignments you will never shank another golf shot.

A straight ball flight is then almost automatic.

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