September 26, 2017


hit a straight golf ballOne way to learn how to hit a straight golf ball is to take a mulligan when you mishit a golf shot in a practice round. You certainly can learn how to hit a straight golf ball on a practice range if you have goof instruction, some basic skill and plenty of time.

However, a practice facility does not match all the nuances you will find on a golf course. You typically hit from a flat surface which certainly are not always the same conditions you will find on a typical golf course.

If you really want to improve your golf swing and begin hitting straight golf shots, learn from playing as well as from practicing. This combination provides an ideal golf method to improve you handicap.

Here are some comments from a part of a recent article on the subject.

Setting lifelike goals is also a giant part of the psychological recreation of golf. If you happen to play every weekend, make an effort to consistently improve, maybe by simply a few pictures every time. Take note of the areas which might be hurting your score – when you always find yourself within the rough on the 14th gap, strive intentionally hitting down the opposite side. Taking part in the identical course in various circumstances can also assist to improve your recreation and in case your score suffers when it is windy, try taking the strength and path of the wind extra into consideration. Read more….”

I am particularly drawn to the portion of the article that suggests you should be working on that part of your game that hurts you the most.

If you really want to improve your golf game and begin to hit a straight golf ball, one shot after another, work on what hurts your game the most while playing a practice round as well as on the range.

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