September 26, 2017

Straight Golf Shots: How To Execute The Perfect Golf Swing

straight golf shotsI consider straight golf shots to be the  result of a perfect golf swing.

I suppose a perfect golf swing is one that produces the desired results but most golfers strive to hit straight golf shots.

For example, a recent article addressed the subject of hitting perfect golf shots. It states in part:

“Any golfer will tell you that a perfect golf shot is what they strive for. There is nothing more satisfying than have the ball travel the exact path that you intended. The shot may have been a result of luck or skill but it does not matter. It might not happen all that often but when it does all the bad shots do not matter any more! It can make a round of golf that is not going well seem like it has gone perfectly.” Read more…

You can can learn how to hit a golf ball straight without counting on luck.

The solution is to lock-in a square alignment of the club face during the set up proceedings. When a sqaure club face alignmnet is locked-in during the pre-swing proceedings, an on line swing path correspondingly will be locked-in.

When you have locked-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of your club face during your set up routine, you automatically will lock-in a straight ball flight alignment. The straight ball flight alignment will remain locked-in as long as you do not thereafter unlock your right-hand lifeline from your left thumb.

However, you are so locked-in to a straight ball flight alignment you must complete your set up in the following manner to produce perfect golf shots.

First, you must assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball. Allow about a “fist” of separation between the butt of your club and your body when your club face is centered directly behind your ball. Also flex your knees no more than at a military “at ease” position. The width of your stance should be slightly less than the width of your shoulders.

Next, ensure the sweet spot of your club face is centered as near as possible to the back of your ball. The sweet spot of your club face must be centered within one-eighth of an inch to the back of your ball at the completion of your set up routine in order for it  to bottom-out perfectly at impact.

Thirdly, you must ensure your shoulders are aligned parallel with your target line while your club face remains centered directly behind your ball.

This is the ideal set up golf method when using the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques.

Once the set up proceedings are completed, it then just becomes a matter of maintaining a steady head and executing a balanced golf swing.

You can expect your ball to fly on a straight path in the direction of your target. You definitely will improve your golf swing.

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how to hit a golf ball straight