September 26, 2017

Straight Golf Shots: Allow The Club Face To Release Naturally

straighter golf shotsIf you wish to hit straight golf shots you should understand how the club face should be released during the impact zone of the golf swing.

The club face should release naturally during this critical part of the downswing in order to hit straight golf shots.

Some golf swing instructions suggest there must be a conscious effort to release the club face during the impact zone in order to drive a golf ball straight.

If there must be some manipulation of the club to release the club face during the downswing it would only go to demonstrate that a square club face did not exist prior to such manipulation. Otherwise, there would be no reason to manipulate the club in such a manner.

If a square alignment and an online swing path is established at the completion of the back swing, any such compensation to consciously release the ball during the impact phase of the swing would only cause one to mishit the ball.

A recent article spoke to the point about consciously releasing the club during the downswing.

Here is a portion of the article.

“Learn how to release the club head and how to hit it like a Professional. Releasing the club head correctly is essential to your golf swing. Many people are confused when and how to release the club head.”  Read more…

The article goes on to introduce a video about when to release the club face during the downswing and provides some golf swing tips about the best time to do so.

The video suggests that all to many golfers have bought into the golf method of releasing the club face very late in the swing but due to the tendency to open the club during the back swing  they are unable to pull it off and deliver an open club face to the ball at impact, typically resulting   in slice.

It then recommends the clubface should be released after impact.

I have some questions and comments about these golf swing instructions.

First, why should a golfer open his or her club face during the back swing? When using the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques to hit a golf ball straight, the club face stays effectively square to the ball during both the backswing and the downswing.

Second, if the club face remains effectively square to the ball during the swing it will contact the ball squarely at impact and, therefore, there would be no reason to manipulate the release of the club at all.

If the club face stays effectively square to the club face during the swing any sconscious attempt to delay the release of the club or to manipulate the release after impact, as the video suggests, would be a  recipe for a mishit golf shot.

Merely lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during your set up routine, center the sweet spot of your club face as near as possible to the back of the ball, align your shoulders parallel to your target line, keep your left heel planted and execute a simple golf swing. The club face will release naturally during the downswing to produce straight golf shots, one after another.

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  1. Excellent article, Gordon. As my good friend Charlie, a PGA Class A Instructor puts it: ‘Square the face and your stance, then just swing right, swing left, and let the ball get in the way — it’s really that simple. Trying to do anything else is what gets you in trouble!” Like you say in the article, worrying about manipulating the opening of closing of the clubface is the start of your troubles.