September 26, 2017

Straight Golf Shots: Use Your Entire Body To Generate Power

straight golf shotsIn order to hit both powerful and straight golf shots you must use your entire body rather than just your arms during your golf swing.

Bob Toski, a legendary player and instructor, believes that you can generate sufficient power and hit straight golf shots simply by using your arms during your swing.

Jim Flick, who has co-authored a book with Bob Toski and has been along time instructor for Jack Nicklaus, also touts the notion that much of the power generated in the golf swing comes from the arms.

There is no doubt but that a lot of power can be generated by the arms and wrists but I believe most of the power generated in a golf swing comes more from the shoulder and hip turn and less from the arm swing.

In other words, I don’t believe Toski’s and Flick’s golf method is as effective as having a combination of an arms and body swing.

Here is a portion of a recent article that speaks to the significance of a full body turn to generate power in the golf swing.

“Use your entire body to put power into your swing. Although you swing the club with your arms, your legs and torso provide the most strength to your swing. Your body should swing along with the club and you should use your legs as a source of power.” Read More at…

The trouble of depending on an arm swing instead of a combination of arm and body swing is that you will not turn your hips enough during your golf swing.

I realize that many instructors teach their students to restrict their hip turn to build more torque between their shoulders and hips.

However, the reality is that much of your power comes from your hips rotating counterclockwise during your down swing. If you try to restrict your hip turn too much or, do not allow your hips to turn as a result of too much of an arm swing, you will lose  significant distance in your golf shots.

To improve your golf game,  generate the most power possible during your golf swing and hit straight golf shots, combine an arm and body swing.

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