September 26, 2017


golf methodMany have asked me the about the history of the locked-in golf method.

Like most new ideas, creations and inventions the locked-in golf method sprang out of necessity. It is often stated that necessity is the mother of invention. It certainly was in my case.

I took up golf as a young man in the U. S. Air Force many years ago. I fell passionately for the game.

Even after my military service I struggled with the game. I continued to play military golf: ” left,right,left,right.” I never knew in which direction the ball was likely to fly.

After taking numerous lessons and devouring every article or piece of information I could find in trying to learn how to hit the golf ball straight, I finally concluded that I would need to figure the sport out on my own.

I began to research and experiment. I finally  was able to understand how golf really works.

“I noticed that at the completion of each backswing of most of the tour professionals their clubshaft pointed to and/or hovered directly over the tip-end of their right shoulder (for right-handers) at the completion of their backswings when they hit relatively straight golf shots.

I theorized if I could find a means to ensure my clubshaft would point to or hover directly over the tip-end of my right shoulder at the completion of my backswing I too could begin hitting a golf ball straight.

Although I experimented with various setup mechanics and swung my club several different ways I was not able to accomplish this objective.

However, it taught me:

If You Assume A Conventional Style Of Grip And Then Swing The Club To A Full Backswing Without Manipulating The Club In Any Way,The Clubshaft Will Always Point To The Outside Of  The Tip-End Of The Right Shoulder

Through even more experiments I found out that it is the alignment between the elbow line – the imaginary line running across the inside of the elbows – and the shoulder line (the imaginary line running across the shoulders) that determines the swing path of the clubface.

To make a long story short, I concluded that when the elbow line is rotated to the inside of the shoulder line an out-to-in swing path of the clubface is created.

This all meant the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a club a slice  ball flight alignment will be created.

However, if I moved some body part, such as widening or narrowing my stance, after completing a conventional style of grip, the clubshaft would no longer hinge to the outside of the tip-end of my right shoulder when I executed a full backswing.

I realized then the slice (ball flight) alignment that is created the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a club is not permanent.

Any body movement after such an initial grip will cause the clubface to rotate to a different alignment and swing path. Then, any subsequent body movement during the setup proceedings will again cause the clubface to rotate to a different alignment and swing path.

I realized then how difficult it must be for professional golfers to be disciplined to repeat each step in their setup ritual the same precise way each time and to swing the club precisely the same way each time to even have a prayer and a hope of producing the same ball flight, one golf shot after another.”

After learning that the very instant a conventional grip is formed on a golf club, your elbows (elbow line) will rotate to the inside of your shoulder line to create an out-to-in swing path of your club face and, in addition, your wrists will rotate your club face to an effective open alignment, the combination of which will establish a slice ball flight alignment, I the sought to find a means to convert the slice ball flight alignment into a straight ball flight alignment, and then, lock-in such straight ball flight alignment.

Since that time I have designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment and hit straight golf shots, one golf shot after another. Each one will improve your golf game and lower your scores if performed correctly.

The locked-in golf method is the only system in the history of golf  that practically guarantees a straight bsll flight alignment when the techniques are performed  correctly.

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