September 26, 2017


golf methodWhen it comes to the best golf method, the average instructor knows little, if anything, about the true mechanics of golf.

Unless an instructor knows how golf really works, he or she will not be able to teach a golf method a student can understand.

If you want to learn how to hit the golf ball straight on a consistent basis, as most golfers do, you must understand the true mechanics of golf and how golf really works.

I was intrigued by a recent article about taking lesson from instructors who do not know the basic mechanics of the golf swing. The author of the article suggested only about  50 in the entire world know how to teach the game effectively. Here are some of his comments on the subject:

“If you see an instructor who ACTUALLY knows what they are doing… and I would argue there are less than 50 in the world, yes, I’m honestly saying that, then you should be able to get the IMPORTANT pieces you need to work on in the correct order, and not have to go back for a while until you have pretty well implemented into your swing, and you’re motion and pattern has got better.

Now when I say got better, I’m saying, that it doesn’t just ‘look’ prettier… of fit in an ‘imaginary cone’, but actually produces better results as a biproduct of better geometry.

Of course, you could spend $300 seeing Butch, and he might tell you, ‘come back when you’re hooking it’, with no description of what you need to do to get there.” Read more…

Frankly, I think the odds are worse. I rarely see a teacher who instructs other than trying to get a  student to manipulate the club in some weird way during the golf swing to square the club face to the ball at impact.

They don’t realize the student only has about one chance out of 100 of hitting a perfectly straight golf shot when using this type of approach.

Unless your instructor understands the instant you grip your hands on a golf club your club face will rotate to an effective open alignment and, your elbow line will rotate to the inside of your shoulder line, to establish an effective slice alignment , and then knows how to convert the slice alignment to a locked-in straight alignment, do not expect to improve your golf game.

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