September 26, 2017


golf video lessonsGolf video lessons are increasingly becoming more popular and an effective and in expensive way to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Perhaps the feedback in taking golf video lessons may not be as “up front and personal” as one-onone or group instruction but with all the technology available nowadays it is a close second.

As golfers become more adapt to the capabilities of the internet and mobile communications they correspondingly should become more trustful  about how the fundamental of golf can be taught through online video. Both the basics of the pre-swing proceedings can be taught through online video as well as golf swing instructions.

Of course it all depends on the knowledge of the instructor and his or her ability to teach the game, whether a student is being taught online or one-on-one.

Frankly, I would much more rely on the instruction from an online instructor who knows the game and, how to teach it, than on one-on-one lessons from an instructor who is not that professional at teaching the game.

I recently read a golf article discussing the increasing use of online golf instruction. It reads:

“If you are interested in knowing the basics of golf, or in improving your current golfing skills, you must be able to have the passion, commitment, and determination in having your goals achieved. Golf is not an easy sport, especially if you have no prior knowledge on how it is played. In this case, one thing which I can suggest is for you to take an online golf lesson. This will allow you to take opportunity of the skills and expertise of a personal online coach who will prove to be extremely helpful in your dream of being a better golf player. The most important thing about this kind of training is that you will be provided with a video feedback from your online coach. The video will show you how the game should be played, including how to avoid the common mistakes in playing golf. With an online golf lesson, you can be at your best the next time you head out and play golf with your friends.”

If you would like to have a reference to the article, the link is

You certainly should check out the credentials of any instructor you would like to engage whether being taught online or in a one-0n-one setting since there are so many wannabe instructors who can neither play or teach the game very well.

Assuming an online instructor is well qualified to the teach the game, there are a lot of benefits to learning the fundamentals as well as other facets of the game through golf video instruction.

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