September 26, 2017


best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons is to keep your head steady during putting.

The reason why this is one of the very best golf lessons is that if you move your head during your putting stroke the sweet spot of your putter head will not contact your ball squarely.

There are a lot of disciplines attached to putting such as gripping the putter correctly, determing how much the puttt will break as well as the pace of the putt.

However, once the basic steps are completed, one of the most important golf putting tips is to keep your eyes focused on your ball during your putting stroke. As mentioned in a recent golf article, it should help your game like it did Mark Wilson’s. Here is a portion of the article:

“LA QUINTA, Calif. — As Mark Wilson was warming up Thursday for his first round on the Nicklaus course at PGA West, he was struggling to keep his head down on his putts. The 37-year-old Wisconsin native didn’t feel confident that he could start his putts on the right line. He tried looking at a spot in front of the ball, but that didn’t work. So he went back to an old trick he’s used over the years. He marked his Titleist ball with a black dot and focused his eyes on it on until the ball was gone. It worked. Read more…”

Putting accounts for approximately forty percent of a golfer’s score, on the average.

One way of improving your game tremendously and lowering your golf scores  is to become a better putter.

Keeping a steady head during your putting stroke therefore remains one of the very best golf lessons.

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