July 21, 2017

Best Golf Lessons: Learn The Art Of Lag Putting

best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons to improve your golf game and lower your scores is to learn how to lag longer putts. This is to say that one of the best golf lessons is to roll your putt just short of the cup when putting from more than 15 feet of the hole location to avoid a three putt.

Unlike many of the European players, American golfers seemingly have acquired a mindset to “make” every putt, irrespective of its distance. As a result, they frequently roll their putts farther than anticipated and face a difficult putt coming back to the cup.

Here is an article that speaks to the importance of lagging longer putts as a means to improve your golf.

“If you would like to be a good golfer, you should be able to learn how to lag putt. It is harder for you to hit accurate approach shots from more than sixty yards. As a matter of fact, the typical putting distance on shots hit from that distance is over 35 feet. Even the shots from under sixty feet would normally leave you with a putt that is outside of 15 feet from the cup.”  Read more…http://articlesbright.com/recreation-sports/golf/taking-3-putts-on-the-greens.

One way to learn how to lag longer putts is to use your left-hand wrist watch as a reference when you take your putter head back from the ball.

This golf method requires you first to determine how far your ball will roll on a relatively flat green you typically play when the leading edge of your watch covers your ball from your line of vision on your back stroke.

Then determine the average distance of your putt under the same conditions at one-fourth of an inch increments relative to the leading edge of your watch from your line of vision on your back stroke.

It is important be be able to use some reference point in terms of how far you should take your putter head on your back stroke per various  putting  distances.

Learn to lag longer putts and you should agree that the above recommendations are some of the best golf lessons yet.improve your golf