September 26, 2017

Best Golf Lessons: Do What The Best Players Do But Do It Better

best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons is to imitate the swings of the best golfers and then swing better than they swing. That is to say,  in terms of the best golf lessons, it all goes back to the model of success: learn precisely what the best do, but do it better.

You don’t learn much from wannabe instructors who couldn’t hit the golf ball straight if their lives depended on it.

It’s like Lee Trevino once remarked: “why should I ever take lessons from someone who cannot play as well as I?”  He knew the only way to improve your golf  is to rely on instructions from those who can play the game better than you.

Some of the best teachers of the game are not trained professionals. They simply know the game from inside out and don’t mind giving some golf tips to those who ask them.

On the other hand, they make it a principle to never volunteer golf swing instructions unless someones asks for their help.

They then typically treat it as a matter of karma in the sense that “if I help you with your golf swing there is an implicit obligation on your part to help someone else in some beneficial way.”

The point is there is so much more to golf instruction than showing someone how to hold and swing the club.

The other part has to do with golf management and to deal with all the nuances that typically arise in a round of golf such as, how do I play this shot from a downhill lie, how much adjustment in my stance is needed for the amount of the wind and so on?”

This  means that playing golf with the best players may teach you more about the actual realities of the game than all the instruction you could ever receive from a pro.

Here is a portion of a recent article on this very point:

“If possible, watch and golf with stronger players to observe their technique. There are myriad ways to improve your own game by observing a more experienced golfer. You mustn’t engage a pro so you can benefit another player’s comapny. Paying attention to the way they play will give you new ideas, and their presence may spur you to play stronger yourself.” Read more…

Most better players do not mind sharing golf tips and techniques to help you improve your golf game as long as you don’t overdo your welcome, so to speak.

They also do not mind you joining them in a round of golf, occasionally, as long as you express your appreciation and don’t take advantage of their generosity.

Just remember the best golf lessons don’t always come from the pro’s but those who may know the game and play it better than the pro’s, themselves. I

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