September 26, 2017

Best Golf Lessons: Keeping It Simple

best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons is to keep instructions simple.  Complicated instructions are confusing and certainly not one of the best golf lessons anyone would wish on another.

Most students are only able to process one concept or procedure at a time. So why complicate matters?

All of this brings up Mac O’Grady whose golf method may be the most complicated of all. Here is a portion of an article about O’Grady’s golf swing instructions:

“O’Grady studied closely under ‘The Golfing Machine’ author Homer Kelly.  He now calls his approach MORAD, originally short for Mac O’Grady Research and Development, although this has seemed to change over time.  Plummer and Bennett, who went on to develop the Stack and Tilt Method of swinging, were once members of O’Grady’s flock and were apparently ‘excommunicated’ along with many other notables.  I’ve interviewed a couple of ex O’Grady students, who both told me that you could just do the smallest thing that Mac didn’t like, and instantly, you were ‘out.’  No more contact – cut off completely.  Sometimes you didn’t even know what you did.

The consensus of those who attend Mac’s seminars is that he works tirelessly to help people, and is very knowledgeable of not only his own method, but man.” Read more…

I understand that at one time O’Grady believed more than 200 bones must be aligned perfectly to hit the golf ball straight.

You do not need to align 200 of your bones in a certain manner to produce straight golf shots.

You need to align only a few bones in a particular manner to produce quality golf shots.

Specifically, your wrists bones must be aligned to unhinge squarely to your ball at impact to produce straight ball flights. In addition, your elbow bones must be aligned parallel with your shoulder bones at impact to hit a straight golf ball.

When you use the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques that are available in books, DVDs, special Reports and articles at you easily will be able to lock-in your wrist bones to unhinge squarely to your ball at impact. You also will be able to lock-in your elbows in a parallel alignment with your shoulders at impact.

When your elbow line is parallel with your shoulder line at the point of impact the swing path of your club face will match your shoulder line.

All this means is that when your wrists bones are aligned to deliver a square club face to your ball at impact on a path that matches your shoulder line, your ball will fly on a straight path parallel with your shoulders, discounting wind conditions and elevation differences between your stance and your ball.

There are two other bone alignments that are necessary if you want to hit a straight golf shot in line with your target.

Your shoulders bones must be aligned parallel with your target line and the the middle of your sternum must be aligned perpendicular to the ack of your ball.

However, these alignments are as easy as falling from a log when the instructions to perform the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques are followed.

The best golf lessons do not require more than 200 bones to be aligned in a specific manner. They only require the wrist, elbow and shoulder bones be aligned correctly, all of which is easily accomplished by using the Locked-In Golf™ Techniques.

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