September 26, 2017

Best Golf Lessons: Kick In Your Right Knee To Trigger Your Back Swing

best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons is to kick in your right knee toward your target to trigger your back swing. The reason why this is one of the best golf lessons is that kicking in your right knee not only is a means to trigger your back swing it also can help you stay balanced during your swing.

There have been a lof of different techniques through the years on how to trigger the back swing.

The most historic golf method to trigger the backs swing was the old-fashioned waggle. However, very few golfers use the waggle these days to the extent it was used historically. To the extent the waggle is used it’s more of an abbreviated waggle nowadays.

If used correctly, however, it can indicate whether you have established a square alignment of your club face to enable you to drive your golf ball straight.

Another golf swing instruction to trigger the back swing is the use of the forward press.

Frankly, I have never recommended the use of the forward press because if you have established a square alignment and an online swing path of your club face to create a straight ball flight alignment at your final address of your ball and then use the forward press as the first move of your backswing, you are likely to rotate the  club face off its established alignment and path and mishit your golf shot.

Instead of hitting a straight golf shot, you are likely to curve your ball to the left or right of your target.

However, I don’t see the same problem with kicking in your right knee toward the target to start your back swing because you are not rotating your hips in the process as you would do with the forward press.

Many professional players have used  this kicking in of the right knee to commence their golf swing as a recent article pointed out. Here is a portion of the article.

“Secondly, develop a swing trigger. A great example of a swing trigger is the right knee “kick-in” as used by Gary Player. Before Player swings the club back he kicks the right knee in and this move forms a brace for the backswing and creates enough flow and movement to trigger the backswing. In my opinion the knee kick is the best trigger for the golf swing. If that does not work for you other triggers that could be employed are: a turn of the head to the right (see Jack Nicklaus); a slight turn of the hips in the opposite direction of which they would turn in the backswing. Even a blink of the eyes (as if you were clicking a picture of the ball with your eyes) to start would help. Anything that makes the start rhythmical and less cerebral will go a long way to helping you to get that club swinging back smoothly.” Read more…–golf.html.

Gary Player was not the most famous player to kick in his right knee to start his back swing although he was very effective in doing so.

Ben Hogan was even more famous than player at using this technique.

Indeed, there have been reports this was part of Ben Hogan’s “Secret.”  Supposedly, this along with his cupped wrist constituted the mythical “Secret.”

In terms of  different instructions to commence the back swing,  kicking- in the right knee remains on of the best golf lessons.

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