September 26, 2017

Best Golf Lesson: Use Your Hips As Your Main Power Source

golf swing instructionsThe best golf lesson of all may be to understand the significance of hip rotation during the golf swing.

The reason why understanding the function of hip rotation during the golf swing may be the best golf lesson is that it is or, at least should be, used as the manin power source of the golf swing whether shaping golf shots or trying to hit the golf ball straight.

Most golfers, particular older and more heavily built players, are not able to fully turn their shoulders unless also allowing some appreciable hip turn.

The old golf method of restricting the hip turn to build more coil in the backswing simply does not work for many golfers.

This doesn’t mean that you should not be fully coiled at the completion of your backswing by having an adequate separation between your hips and your shoulders.

It simply means to convey that many golfers can not execute a full backswing without also rotating their hips during the backswing much more than what earlier golf swing instructions recommended.

Here is a part of a recent article that spoke to this point of view.

“The body understands, even if you do not at this time, how beneficial it actually is to be able to hit the golf ball from the side of your body.The main reason is that it naturally is how your body is supposed to move when making the golf swing. By allowing the hips to lead the way; all the way though until the finish position, you will not have any pause/stall or hesitation of the the hips during the golf swing.

Although this slight hesitation of the hips is how the traditional golf swing is taught, it is not the correct way to do it. The hips must lead the way and we would like you to join us to understand why.” Read more…

This article brings up a typical mistake of many golfers.

It relates that some golfers are taught to pause their hip rotation at the beginning of the downswing.

Specifically, some coaches insist that you should begin your downswing by dropping your arms downward and then allowing your  hips to rotate. Although this article suggests you should begin your downswing with by rotating your hips counterclockwise, the better golf swing tip is to begin your downswing with your hips rotating in unison with your arms dropping.

In recommending a synchronization of the hips and arms to begin the downswing I do not want to distract from the article because the hip rotation during the downswing is critical This also brings  up another mistake of some golfers who probably have been mislead by something they have read or seen.

The mistake is that they slide their hips toward thier target to begin their golfswing. Typically, when you slide your hips toward your target, instead of merely rotating them, to begin your golf swing you will either push (block) or hook your golf shot.

You definitely will not be producing straight golf shots. Always remember that your hip rotation is one of, if not the most significant, power sources you have available to attain maximum distance with each club in your set.

Thus, the best golf lesson may very well be to use it as your main power source, as the article implies.

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