September 26, 2017


golf swing instructionsIn terms of golf swing instructions, mastering a “go to” golf swing may at the  top the list.

Most amateur golfers will never be able to learn to  how to hit a golf ball straight as the professionals, irrespective of the amount of golf swing instructions they receive.

Nonetheless, a majority of weekend and recreational golfers can greatly improve their golf game by perfecting a golf swing on which they can rely despite playing under extreme pressure.

Such a “go to” golf swing does not need to produce a perfectly straight golf shot as long as the player knows in which direction and pattern the ball will fly each time.

A recent article on the subject reinforces the need to have a “go to” golf swing in your arsenal.

A portion of the article reads:

One consistent shot shape: Golf becomes easy if you can take one side of the golf course out of play. Whether you choose to draw or cut the ball is your choice. To create any type of consistency, try building a swing that moves the ball the same way every time. It is also beneficial to know how to work the ball in the opposite direction or your standard shot. Seldom will you need to do this, but extremely necessary if the shot calls for it.

Control Trajectory: A player that can control his trajectory will be able to attack pins and position his ball better around the greens. When the weather kicks up, this player will also have an advantage playing in the wind. Controlling trajectory gives you a better chance for controlling distance.

Distance/Spin Control: In golf you should always be playing a shot for a specific yardage. Get a laser or step off yardages every time to learn how to hit each yardage. Much of trajectory and distance control can come from picking the right club. By choosing different lofts, you can create many different shots for each yardage. (all having a different spin and trajectory, but going the same yardage)”

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Whether perfecting a power draw, perfect fade or straight golf shots,  always have a “go to” to golf swing to get you though a round when you are not up to your “A” game.

You can learn how to lock-in a power draw by going to You can learn how to lock-in a perfect fade by going to

They each provide the best golf swing instructions to perfect a “go to” golf swing.

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