September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Lessons Instruction: Use Your Hips To Generate Club Head Speed

One of the best golf swing lessons instruction is to rotate your hips  in a proper manner to generate maximum club head speed and hit your golf ball straight and far. This is a most significant golf swing lessons instruction because the hip rotation during the golf swing is the primary source of its power.

Some instructors insist that the best golf method to increase ball distance is to release the wrists as late as possible during the down swing.

Although hinging and unhinging the wrist during the golf swing will supply some energy source to increase club head speed it doesn’t provide nearly enough to carry the ball a sufficient distance.

Other instructors believe the best golf swing tip in reference to producing maximum club head speed is to turn the shoulders to the maximum limit during the back swing.

Although you may be able to generate some power in your golf swing by turning your shoulders to the extreme, unless you also allow your hips to rotate in unison with the shoulder turn, you will not generate enough to attain the distance you would otherwise.

The shoulders, wrists, arms and hips all play a very important role in generating power to increase the speed of the club at impact, but unless the proper hip rotation is executed during the golf swing, you may be able to hit straight golf shots but they will not travel as far as they otherwise would.

A recent article addressed the significance of rotating the hips correctly during the golf swing.  Here is what a part of the article says:

“Every power in perfect golf swing comes from the hips. You need to concentrate on your hips if you want to get the appropriate turns and adjustments.”  Read more…

The most important golf swing lessons instruction is to appreciate that all four power sources to generate power and maximize ball distance must be  synchronized so they work in unison.

The shoulder turn alone is not enough by itself. Neither is the wrist hinge,arms movement or hip rotation.

All four must work together to increase club head speed to the max.

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