September 26, 2017

How To Hit A Draw: The Locked-In Golf Way

how to hit a drawThere are several ways of how to hit a draw golf shot

My favorite way of how to hit a draw golf shot is to use one of my Locked-In Golf™ Techniques.

A draw golf shot is easier than you may think, as suggested in a recent article on golf:

“Hitting a draw means the ball will go from right to left, similar to a hook shot however with some control and deliberation. Many professionals spend many hours mastering this shot, when it may perhaps add considerable distance for their drives.

Once performed correctly, hitting a draw lets the ball to fly lower also to roll more on the fairway. As you perfect this shot, you may expect to observe a distinct improvement in your game. ” Read more at

In one of my books by the name of How To Hit A Power Draw, I teach 15 techniques to hit powerful draws. The locked-in golf method is the most reliable  way to hit draws.

The golf swing instructions in the book teach how to lock-in a closed club face alignment during the set up proceedings. In addition, each technique teaches how to lock-in an in-to-out swing path of the club face during the pre-swing proceedings. The combination of a closed alignment and an in-to-out swing path of the club face during the set up routine correspondingly locks-in a draw ball flight alignment.

The draw ball flight alignment will remain locked-in for the remainder of the set up proceedings as well as during the golf swing as long as the right-hand lifeline is not unlocked from the left-hand thumb after the technique is performed.

Once a draw ball flight alignment is locked-in,  it just becomes a matter of assuming  a comfortable stance and posture to the ball, centering the  club face directly behind the ball and aligning the shoulders parallel with the directional line–the line on which you want your ball to fly initially so it will draw properly to the target.

If the steps are performed as instructed in the How To Hit A Power Draw book, the ball will fly draw perfectly to the target.

The book is available at

If you want to learn how to hit a draw golf shot perfectly, performing one of the techniques addressed in the book is the way to proceed.

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