September 26, 2017


how to drive a golf ball straightWhen learning how to drive a golf ball straight, you should appreciate it all begins with forming a proper grip on the golf club.

The obvious reason why this is so important when learning how to drive a golf  ball  straight is that how the hands are formed on a golf club is the only connection between the golfer and the club.

Probably the best golf method of how to grip a club properly came from Ben Hogan and discussed in a recent article, a portion of which reads:

“Golf begins with a good grip. With the back of your left hand facing the target (and the club in the general position it would be in at address), place the club in the left hand so that (1) the shaft is pressed up under the muscular pad at the inside heel of the palm, and (2) the shaft also lies directly across the top joint of the forefinger. Crook the forefinger around the shaft and you will discover that you can lift the club and maintain a fairly firm grip on it by supporting it just with the muscles of that finger and the muscles of the pad of the palm. Now just close the left hand–close the fingers before you close the thumb–and the club will be just where it should be.”

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You should keep in mind whether the club is gripped with  an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, the club face will rotate to an effective  open alignment the instant the hands are formed on the club.

In addition, the elbow line will rotate to the inside of the shoulder line to create an out-to-in swing path of the club face the instant a club is gripped with an interlocking,overlapping or baseball styles of gripping techniques, all of which will establish a slice ball flight alignment.

Unless the slice ball flight alignment is converted and locked-in to a straight ball flight alignment during the set up routine or, the club face is manipulated in some way to deliver a square club face to the ball at impact, a straight golf shot will not result.

The more reliable way of learning how to drive a golf ball straight is to perform one of the Locked-In Golf Techniques during the set up routine and then deliver the locked-in square club face to the ball at impact to produce consistent straight golf shots.

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