September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Tips: The Best Ball Position For Bunker Shots

One of the best golf swing tips is to determine the ideal ball position for bunker golf shots, especially for green side bunker shots.

The reason why a standardized ball placement when hitting bunker shots remains one of the best golf swing tips is that it promotes consistency.

It will help you improve your golf game all around as well as lower your golf scores.

Some of the most reliable golf swing instructions when hitting from a bunker is to set up to your ball so that the face of your club will start your divot about two inches behind your ball.

If you position your ball so that your club face will begin a divot less than two inches to the back of your ball when hitting sand shots your club face may well strike your ball before the sand and cause a thin golf shot.

The consequence of hitting a thin sand shot is the ball is likely to fly across the green, possibly into another bunker.

If you position your ball so that the club face will begin your divot more than two inches behind your ball when hitting green side bunker shots you are susceptible to taking too much sand and failing to clear the lip of the bunker, leaving yourself a second bunker shot, irrespective of whether you hit a straight golf shot or not.

You may ask whether a standardized ball placement is the best golf method when hitting out of wet sand.

Again, without a consistent ball placement for bunker shots, it is difficult to be consistent.

The best golf method of  hitting out of wet sand is to maintain the same ball placement (two inches behind the ball) and increase the degree of your swing.

You may even select a stronger club as well as increase your club head speed,  depending on the extent of wetness and the type of sand in play..

If confronted with very soft sand you may want to decrease the degree of your swing or select a shorter club.

The question becomes how do you determine whether you have positioned your ball placement two inches behind your ball?

The answer is to perform the Locked-Knees Technique™.

All that is required to perform the Locked-Knees Technique™ is grip your club in a conventional manner, assume a normal set-up to your bunker shot, straighten your legs to the maximum and then lock your knee joints.

You should then bend from your hips until the face of your club almost touches the sand and observe  where the sole of your club face intersects  the sand behind your ball.

If you observe the bottom of your club face intersects the sand two inches behind your ball, you are set to execute a simple golf swing.

If nearer or farther than the ideal two inches, you should adjust you stance until the sole of your club face intersects the sand two inches behind your ball.

Try these golf swing tips and see if you do not hit more consistent bunker shots.

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