September 26, 2017

Tips On Golf Swing: Play From The Tee Markers That Best Reflect Your Age And Ability

tips on golf swingOne of the best tips on golf swing appeared in an article I recently read.

The reason the article provided some of the best tips on golf swing is it addressed what players should do as they get older and unable to hit the golf ball as far as in the past.

The article emphasized the significance of staying within yourself during your golf swing and cease playing macho.

Most seniors can not hit a 450 yard par four hole in two, even with their best golf shots.

Seniors as well as juniors and others who do not have the strength and/or ability to play longer courses should simply move up to the forward tees and execute a simple golf swing.

Play to enjoy the game, not to impress your others.

As suggested, one way to stay within ourselves as we age is to move up to the forward tee markers. Another is to rely more on the short game to hit a straight golf ball to the green on approach shots.  Here is a portion of the article:

“So we need to accept that our days of blasting 300 yard drives are over and adapt our game to focus on a different set of skills–i.e. your short game. If you can consistently hit the ball down the middle of the fairway, work on your short game skills so that you can get up and down in regulation or better. If you read this blog often enough, you’ll eventually come across stories how older Surgites consistently outscore the young guns they play with (i.e. the ones that still hit those three hundred yard drives.) Why? Because very often those 300 yard drives are 250 down the fairway and 50 right or left! Straight and steady with excellent pitching, chipping and putting skills will give you a very competitive game, no matter who you are playing with.

And don’t be intimidated by the younger guys if they insist that you play from the same tees. Golf course designers put different tee boxes on every hole for a reason–to give players of all different swing speeds the opportunity to play the hole on an equivalent basis. So find the tee box that puts you into position to hit the green in regulation on a consistent basis and then nail your approach shot and your putts. Do this and you may just become the guy people at the course like to brag about. You know the story, the one where people say something like “Old Joe just bops the ball down the middle, not very far and yet by the time I find my ball over in the rough and get it on the green, he’s just standing there patiently watching with a big old grin on his face. I just don’t know how he does it, but he beats the pants off me every time!”

Fairways & Greens!”

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This all means we should move up to the forward tee markers during  play, keep our drives in the fairway and improve our short game as we age.

You then will be able to  compete with those who hit it 300 yards: frequently, out of bounds.

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