September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Instructions: Perfect Your Golf Game On The Course, Not On The Practice Range

One of the most significant golf swing instructions if is to perfect your golf game on the golf course rather than on the practice range.

The reason why this is one of the most significant golf swing instructions is that the practice range does not simulate the conditions of a typical golf course.

Just because a golfer can hit relatively straight golf shots at a practice facilitydoes not mean he or she can do the same on a golf course.

Most practice facilities provide you with a rather flat surface which provides almost perfect conditions to hit your golf ball straight.

On the other hand, rarely do you have a perfectly even lie on most golf courses.

On one hole you may be faced with a slice lie and the very next hole with a hook lie. Unless you adjust for such ball lies, you definitely will not hit your best golf shots.

Although you should practice the latest golf swing tips on a practice facility it is not a good idea to try out a new golf technique in your round of golf.

Aside from ball lies there are nuimerous other nuances that you will frequently encounter on a golf course that you rarely areexposed to on a practice range.

For example, there are not many fairway bunkers on a typical practice range whereas you may d=face many of such bunkers on many golf courses.

It is all a part of mastering golf course management.

Likewise, there are no trees or other obstructions on most driving ranges in contrast to what you may find on many driving ranges.

I’ve seen golfers who customarily hit tremendous golf shots while at practice who absolutely lose it all on the first tee because they have spent more time practicing than playing.

Another issue relating to the idea of too much practice in comparison to the notion of too less play is that many golfers practice only with their favorite clubs.

A much better practice scheme is to practice with all the clubs in your set with more attention on those to which you are less confidant  and comfortable.

An even better practice strategy is to practice as though you are playing the course, using the sequence of clubs you would play each hole. If you did so as though you were playing each hole in rotation, you would be able to enjoy two rounds of golf instead of one, so to speak.

Yes, play more and practice less to perfect your golf course management skills remains one of the best golf swing instructions anywhere around.

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