September 26, 2017

Golf Swing Lessons Instruction: Know The Golfing Etiquette

golf swing instructionsOne of the most important golf swing lessons instruction is to know the golfing etiquette.

More specifically one of the most significant golf swing lessons instruction is to understand and comply with the golfing etiquette.

In a time when civility has gone astray in the PGA events and other televised tournaments, understanding golfing etiquette probably needs to be revisited.

Perhaps the most important etiquette rule of all is not to be moving, talking or in any other manner distracting a golfer during his golf shot or while stroking a putt on a green.

This includes receiving cell phone calls or using phones on a golf course when someone is preparing or hitting a ball or, preparing or stroking a putt. It also means no use of cameras while near a golfer while he is in play.

Another most significant golf swing tip, when it comes to etiquette, is that no one should talk, move or stand near or directly behind the hole or ball during the time a fellow golfer is putting.

Likewise, no one should step on a putter’s line, including the the “through line,” the line on which a putt is likely to roll past the cup, if not short of  or into the hole.

A player also should carefully repair any ball marks made by his ball after completing his putt. Also, any spike marks remaining on the green should be replaced after everyone in the group has holed out.

A player or his caddie should always rake a bunker and smooth out holes and footprints made by him before proceeding to the next tee box.

Similarly, a golfer should always ensure that any sod or turf he has cut or displaced is replaced and pressed down.

Players should play in timely manner to avoid delaying the groups behind them.

However, no one should hit his ball until the group ahead is clearly out of range.

Players detained in the search of a ball should allow the group behind them to play through.

There are other etiquette rules but if the golf swing lessons instruction discussed above are  respected and honored the game will be more fun for every one.

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