September 26, 2017

Improve Your Golf Swing: Ensure Your Arms And Hips Are In Sync

improve your golf swingOne way to improve your golf swing is to ensure your arms and hips are in sync during your swing.

The reason why this is one of the best ways to improve your golf swing is that,  if your arms are not in sync with your hips during your through swing, you are likely to slice your ball.

There are many reasons why your arms and hips may not be in sync during your swing

The first reason is the failure to square your club face to your ball during your set up routine. If you want to hit straight golf shots, your down swing must deliver a square club face to your ball at impact on a path that matches your shoulder and target lines.

If your club face is not aligned squarely to your ball at the completion of your set up routine, you will need to manipulate your club during your  golf swing in an attempt to square the face of your club to your ball at impact.

The odds are heavily stacked against you in such an attempt.

Another reason why it may be difficult to keep your arms and hips in sync during your golf swing is simply swinging your club too far in your back swing and then too hard during your down swing. This is not the way to hit the golf ball straight.

Here is portion of a recent article cautioning about swinging too hard.

“If you are like me, looking down the fairway at a pin that may be several hundred yards away can be very frustrating. Obviously our number one reaction is to swing the club as hard as possible and hope for the best. Things usually get worse after that.

When we decide to swing with all of our might, are swing changes. Like I said earlier a golf swing has many different variables. The result of swinging a golf club harder is that the club speed gets much faster. From there, many things are going to change. From your body position to the position of your club when the ball is impacted. When a golf swing is changed like that, it’s hard for the golfer to make all the adjustments that need to be made.”

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Swinging hard is not bad advice, as most instructors teach. On the other hand, swinging too hard usually is a recipe for disaster.

Another reason some golfers fail to keep their arms and hips in sync during their swing is the balance factor.

If you move your head excessively during your back swing, you will move the top of your spine off its pre-swing axis and cause your arms and hips to be too disconnected during your golf swing.

Keeping your left heel planted and maintaining a steady head position during your back swing will help you stay balanced.

You should always maintain the same swing speed during your down swing as during your back swing to keep your arms and hips in sync.

Lastly, you should eliminate any jerkiness and have a smooth transition at the top of your swing in order to keep your arms and hips in sync.

These all comprise a good golf method to hit straight golf shots.

If you swing within yourself and, maintain proper rhythm, tempo and balance, you will keep your arms and hips in sync and dramatically improve your golf swing.

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