September 26, 2017


straight golf swingFocus on your golf shot, not that of your opponent’s or others in your group when trying to execute a straight golf swing.

Play your own game is how so many professional golfers explain it when trying to execute a straight golf swing.

Irrespective of how many golf swing instructions you receive, playing your own game has to near the top of the list.

A recent golf article discusses the significance of focusing only on your own golf shot. Here is a portion of the article:

“If you want to make your game better, you must not compare yourself to other golfers. Women are very easy to put the blame on themselves a lot. They can’t help watching what everyone else is doing on the course and comparing themselves to other players. The problem is that you lose focus. Instead of concentrating on your own game, you’re concentrating on everyone else’s. Obviously, if you aren’t focusing on your own shot, your swing will suffer and even your aim can be affected. Also, do not forget that there are better golfers on the course than you. That has nothing to do with your being a woman golfer. So, do not get disheartened and want to quit. Just have a ball and focus on your own golf game. You game will perk up a lot.”

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Focus only on your game and then watch your golf scores plummet.

Then when you execute a straight golf swing your ball will fly staight-as-an-arrow directly to your target.

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