September 26, 2017

Straight Golf Shots: Do not Move Your Head To Begin Your Downswing

straight golf shotsIf you want to hit straight golf shots you should not move your head to begin your downswing.

If you move your head to begin your downswing, you will change the bottom-out arc of your swing and will not be able to produce straight golf shots, assuming you otherwise would absent such head movement.

Here is a portion of an article that also discusses this frequent flaw:

“Have you ever noticed that professional golfers always hit the ball perfectly? For sure, you have. Just like me, you’re probably wondering how they can hit the ball at the right impact spot, making the ball go in a beautiful straight line, every single time. … while you hardly ever hit the ball correctly compared to them. What is going on here? It’s actually quite simple, really… If you always perform the same motion, you will always impact the ball at the same spot. And the first common mistake amateur players make without even knowing it is that they move and rotate their head too early during the swing. Moving, tilting, or rotating your head before the club hits the ball destabilizes your body weight every single time. It triggers the domino effect, where one tiny defect will cause the whole system to collapse. Unfortunately, this single error, if it remains uncorrected, prevents the majority (we’re talking about at least 70%) of amateur golfers to go beyond mediocrity. Trust me, I’ve been there, too. And guess what? This is what every PGA golfer gets taught at some point during their start. To build a consistent swing, you need a solid foundation. And that is an absolute necessary part of that foundation. It is important to keep looking at the ball until the right moment, so that your body remains coordinated.” Read more…

Some instructors suggest you should begin your swing by sliding your hips toward your target.

When you slide your hips toward your target to begin your downswing you correspondingly will move your head downward and cause the arc of your swing to bottom-out early. You  typically will mishit your golf shot.

The only time this “sliding the hips to begin the downswing”  golf method works is if you are horribly misaligned at the completion of your set up routine or you manipulate your club in some weird way during your backswing.

If you have established a square club face alignment at the completion of your set up routine with the sweet spot of your clubface centered as near as possible to the back of your ball and, execute a simple golf swing without any intentional or inadvertent manipulation of your club face to rotate your club off  its established alignment,  you will deliver a square club face to your ball at impact and hit the golf ball straight.

Although some golf swing instructions suggest some head movement during the swing, beginning your downswing by sliding your hips toward your target and moving your head in the process is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

If you want to improve your golf game and hit straight golf shots, allow your club face to return to your ball in a reflexive manner during you downswing. Your head will move in the process to counterbalance your hip rotation but it will not move too early.

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