September 26, 2017


straight golf shotsIf you want to hit straight golf shots you must learn to grip your club correctly. Unfortunately, the conventional styles of grip do not position your hands to hit straight golf shots.

However,many instructors believe the conventional overlapping, interlocking and baseball styles of grip position the hands in a parallel position with each other to form a square club face alignment. They do not.

This is an article that speaks about such parallelism.

” When applying the right hand on the club, think in terms of it sitting parallel to the left hand.  Parallel hand position is the key to creating a unit.  Then, when you close your right hand on the club, the left thumb should now be covered, fitting beneath the fleshy pad at the base of the right thumb, with the right index finger and thumb forming a slight trigger.”

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Unfortunately, the instant either an interlocking , overlapping or baseball style of grip is formed on a club, an effective open alignment will result. In addition, the elbow line will rotate to the inside of the shoulder line to create an out-to-in swing path of the club face.

This combination establishes a slice ball flight alignment and a flawed golf method.

However, there are ways to grip a golf club so that your hands will be square with each other and the swing path will be online to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment.

Indeed, there are ten different ways to grip a golf club in which the hands will be parallel with each other and, as a consequence, a square club face will exist.

These ten new, unique and revolutionary gripping techniques are taught in a book entitled, How To Lock In A Perfect Grip. The book is available at

One of these new gripping techniques to lock in a square club face alignment–the Jackson Overlapping Technique™– can be found on YouTube by searching for Locked-In Golf.

There also is another way to convert the inherent slice ball flight alignment that occurs the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a club to a square alignment.

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If you want your hands positioned on your club face squarely to hit straight golf shots you must use one of the locked-in golf techniques mentioned above because the conventional styles of grips are not designed to do so.

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