September 26, 2017

Best Golf Lessons: Don’t Get Angry, Get Good

best golf tipsOne of the best golf  lessons is not to get angry when you mishit a golf shot. Rather, one of the best golf tips is to get good at the game so you don’t mishit a golf shot.

One of the best ways to avoid anger on the golf course is to get good on the practice range.The best way to get good on the practice range is to learn how to lock-in the specific ball flight alignment you desire to produce during your set up proceedings..

That is to say, when you learn how to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment during your set up routine to hit a straight golf ball, and then complete your pre-swing proceedings the correct way, all remaining is to assume a comfortable stance to the ball, center the club face directly behind the ball, align your shoulders parallel with the directional line –the line on which you want your ball to fly initially–and then execute a balanced golf swing.

The down swing will deliver a club face  during impact that existed during set up and the ball should fly in the pattern and direction as planned.

If your objective was to hit straight golf shots, you will hit straight golf shots.

Thus, you would have no reason to get angry because you got good.

A recent golf article touched on the subject of anger when mishitting a golf ball, including this portion:

“That is what anger and disappointment truly come down to. You have got a certain set of expectations you take with you to the course and if you fail to meet those expectations you believe that you are faulty. Stop setting score goals for yourself. You don’t know what the pin positions are going to be like, if the course is stretched out long that day, or if the climate conditions will set off a few extra strokes.

If you do hit a bad shot take a second to appraise the situation. Are you hurting? Is there permanent damage? The genuine key is to ask yourself, two weeks from now is any other person going to recollect what I shoot, not to mention this actual bad shot? Naturally not. You probably will not remember it yourself so stop putting more importance on your score then there has to be. Read more….

This simply means you should not define yourself by your quality of play.

On the other hand, you can get good to avoid getting angry by learning how to lock-in the ball flight of your choosing during your set up routine, whether that of a draw, fade or a golf shot as straight as a laser beam.

You will find more information about how to lock-in and  hit a golf ball as straight as a laser beam by visiting

You can find more information of how to lock-in a draw golf shot as well as a fade golf shot by visiting and

Once you learn how to lock-in and hit the specific golf shot you desire, you should agree  the above information comprises some of  the best golf  lessons 

anywhere to be found.

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