September 26, 2017


best golf lessonsOne of the best golf lessons is to keep a constant tempo throughout your golf swing. One other best golf lessons is to maintain the same consistent rhythm during your golf swing.

However there is a difference between tempo and rhythm.

Tempo means how fast or slow you swing your club. Rhythm means you maintain the same pace  during both your back swing and during your down swing.

Sometimes balance is confused with rhythm. I regard balance to be nothing more than keeping your weight balanced beteen the insides of your feet during your golf swing.

All three are necessary if you want to learn how to hit a golf ball straight. Here is more about the importance of tempo, rhythm and balance.

“You may well have a fast swing but this does not by necessity mean that it’s a bad swing.  Far from it.  So long as your rhythm allows you to bring the clubface back into the right position at impact and for your body to remain correctly balanced it really doesn’t matter how slow or fast you swing the club (within reason, of course).

Tempo is in fact one of the most difficult things of all to change about your golf swing.  Your tempo is a natural extension of your personality.  It reflects how you go about your daily life as a person, not just as a golfer.

I have a friend who moves everywhere at an amazing pace, talks really quickly and crams unbelievable numbers of tasks into her day.  What would you expect her golf swing tempo to be?  Fast is of course the inevitable answer.  Everything she does is fast and so her natural golfing rhythm and tempo will not be an exception.  To fight against this and to try to slow that swing down is as easy as swimming upstream against a strong current.”

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Once again, if you want to hit the straight golf shots you should swing at a tempo in keeping with your personality, whether slow, fast or medium.

You should maintain a consistent rhythm in that you should not force your club to swing faster during your down swing than during your back swing. Lastly, you should keep your body weight between the insides of your feet.

Learning these three disciplines should be considered to be some of the best golf lessons anywhere.  straight golf shots

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