October 21, 2017


best golf lessonsA recent golf article suggests that online instruction may be the best golf lessons.

Whether online instruction constitutes some of the best golf lessons obviously depends on the instructor and whether the information is accurate.

Considering so much hyperbole seen on the internet these days, you must be careful about what information is sound and what information is not.

Whether the online instruction is putting, chipping, pitching, fading,drawing or how to hit a golf ball straight, you must vet the accuracy of the information.

Some golf swing instructions are absurd.

Assuming the instructor understands the true fundamentals of the game and has the ability to convey such information in a clear and meaningful way, online instruction can be very beneficial to golfers and can help improve your golf game.

Here is a portion of the article that discusses online instruction.

“There are a lot of dedicated internet sites which are meant specially for golf tips. The learning is generally available in the shape of an article or video. People can ask their question to the golf executives thru varied internet sites available on the net and improve the game appropriately.

The internet sites are for all golfers from the amateur to the elect player. From noobs to veterans; everyone can depend on these online platforms and improve their golfing abilities. The Problems may range from minor to major ones. The online platforms are there to fix all sorts of Problems or questions raised by every type of golfers.”

The complete article about online golf instruction is available at http://www.bzaa.info/golf-swing/making-the-perfect-golf-swing.htm.

Most online instruction is free to the visitor and therefore a very inexpensive way to learn the game. However if it causes you to adopt bad habits, it could be most harmful to your game.

Going back to the axiom that you get what you pay for, the best instruction is with a qualified and proven golf instructor who can teach you one-on-one.

Thus, the best golf lessons of all are personal ones instead of online.

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