September 26, 2017


beginners golf lessonsWhen taking beginners golf lessons engage a n instructor who knows the fundamentals of golf and knows how to teach them. This means that when taking beginners golf lessons the focus should be on  learning each step of the pre-swing proceeings.

The pre-swing proceedings first consists of learning how to grip the club correctly. If you do not learn how to grip the club correctly as a beginner, do not expect to hit the golf ball straight.

The second step in the pre-swing proceedings is to temporarily align your shoulders parallel with your target.

The next step is to center the sweet spot of the club face correctly behind the ball.

This should be followed by adjusting your stance and posture to the ball. If you have about a “fist” distance between the butt of your club and your body while your club face is centered correctly behind your ball, with your stance about shoulder width, your posture should be about right.

Lastly about  the pre-swing proceedings, you should make any final adjustments with your feet to ensure your shoulders are aligned parallel with your target while your club face remains positioned correctly behind your ball.

From this point you should keep your left heel planted, your head held steadily and execute a simple golf swing.

In terms of learning the fundamentals of the swing itself, you should swing at the same tempo during your back swing and your downswing.

You also should stay balanced during your swing .

Unless you use the Locked-In Golf Techniques to lock-in a square club face during your set up proceedings and, assuming you have your club face centered directly behind your ball at final address, you should swing your club face along your target line for at least a foot during your takeaway as a means to square your club face.

You should begin your practice sessions with your shortest clubs and swing at different levels, such as beginning with a 1/4th swing, then a one-half swing, on to a 3/4th swing and conclude with a full swing until you are able to hit the golf ball straight ,consistently.

Then move up to your next most lofted club and repeat the routine.

By following these beginners golf lessons you should be on your way to playing effectively the greatest sport of all.

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