September 26, 2017


golf video instructionsGolf video instructions is a very inexpensive way to learn how to hit a golf ball straight. Indeed, some golf swing instructions are free and cost absolutely nothing.

Many beginning golfers want and need professional golf instruction but do not have the necessary money or time to engage an upfront and personal type of coach, just as the beginning golfer mentioned in this article:

“As someone who has just started playing golf, I have been thinking if I should take golf lessons. It is one advice which I often get from people who are playing golf with me. One thing which I do not want about taking lessons is the fact that I have to pay my coach but I have no assurance that I will learn the game. Read more… ”

Some of the very expensive instructors, such as several of  the so-called “top 100,” charge as much as $5,000.00 per day. It is not unusual  to see fees in the three and four hundred dollars per hour range.

Online video instructions are not only inexpensive but also save a lot of time since they can be viewed anywhere and do not require a practice range or golf course to simulate the various steps to hit a straight golf shot. Better than this, you can’t beat free online golf lessons if you don’t have the money to pay for them.

For example, you will be able to view a fantastic complimentary golf lesson by visiting

Also, there are numerous free golf lessons that can be viewed on YouTube and other video sharing websites.

There is no doubt but the fact that some of the golf video instructions available nowadays can save you a lot of money and time.

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