September 26, 2017

Improve Your Golf Swing: Tempo, Rhythm And Balance Are The Three Most Important Essentials

improve your golf swingOne way to dramatically improve your golf swing is to maintain tempo, rhythm and balance during both your back swing and through swing.

Perhaps maintaining balance will improve your golf swing slightly more than tempo and rhythm but none of the three can be compromised.

Tempo simply means you should swing at the same speed throughout your golf swing. If you swing faster during your back swing than during your down swing you will compromise rhythm and balance. Therefore, when you compromise any of  one of these three swing essentials you correspondingly will compromise the other two.

A recent article lends some significant golf swing tips relative to the balance factor. Here is the portion of the article that addresses the importance of staying balanced during the golf swing.

“The actual last tip I include for the rookies out right now there is actually a person need in order to maintain balance plus head control through the course of the swing. The actual biggest problem many rookie or alternatively inexperienced golfers include is actually becoming unbalanced through the course of their swing plus this particular causes them in order to hit poor shots. Among the many popular mistakes golfers include is actually trying in order to swing too difficult in order to hit the ball far plus this particular causes the swing in order to be unbalanced. If perhaps you usually are definitely not balanced from the swing a person include extremely little chance of hitting the ball squarely plus simply just being off slightly can cause the ball in order to slice or alternatively hook horribly. Some other fast method in order to throw yourself off balance is actually by moving the head through the course of the swing, a person need in order to keep the head down plus the eyes focused on the ball almost all the method from the swing. Hopefully many of these some simple techniques can assist take a few strokes off the score.” Read more at…

Staying balanced during the golf swing may be one of the best golf lessons of all.

As alluded in the article, balance can be best maintained by keeping a steady head and maintaining eye contact with the ball until past impact. Keeping your left heel planted during your back swing can help not only your balance but also your tempo and rhythm.

Maintain balance, tempo and rhythm to improve your golf swing and lower your handicap. Then observe how your scores plummet.

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